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Welcome to Administrative Forum పాఠశాల నిర్వాహక సంపుటి

Hi Everyone,

      Educational systems all over the world have created new roles for school heads.It is thought that traditional features of school headslike knowledge, skills, competence and attitude are inadequate in carrying out these roles and responsibilities. It is considered that school administrators’ level of using their cultural leadership roles is important in understanding changing world. At the present time, schools have formed a living space towards new and universal values, for the Commissioner has started forum for Administrators”.

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Educational administration refers to a range of professionals—from supervisors, school administrators, and head masters department heads, and chief academic officers—as well as organizations formed to


Academic administration is a branch of School Education responsible for the maintenance and supervision of the institution and separate from the faculty or academics, although some personnel may have.

Community Groups

Community mobilization is a process through which action is stimulated by a community itself, or by others, that is planned, carried out, and evaluated by a community s individuals, to enhance the overall standard of living in the community


Good governance is a set of responsibilities, practices, policies, and procedures exercised by an institution to provide strategic direction to ensure objectives are achieved and resources are used responsibly and with accountability.


          Be an active Member in bringing quality results in Our School Education. Particpent in Groups, Do, Discussion, Poll and Talk. Give your valuable sugessions it is open Contribute Now!